Privacy policy

Privacy policy for Adstate

This privacy policy outlines your privacy rights, as well as our responsibility to protect these.

The policy covers all services offered and run by Adstate As.

Data controller

CEO Simon Hansen Elvestad is on behalf of Adstate AS the Data Controller responsible for the company's processing of personal data.

Personal data we store

We store the following personal data of those using our services (on behalf of Adstate, our clients and partners):

Death notices:

All submitted content, including the names of the next of kin in the notice

Memorial page administrator:

Name and email, as well as the password in encrypted format.

Memorial page:

The memorial pages are based on user generated content such as condolences and light a candle. If the user submits their own name and / or other personal data, this will be stored.

Registration for ceremony and memorial service:

Name, e-mail and telephone number of the contact person who registers participants. Names and special wishes for the ceremony and special needs for memorial service for participants who registered for participation in the ceremony and / or memorial service via our solution, integrated on the memory page. Organizers of ceremonies may, if required to keep a register, use the above-mentioned data for visit registration in connection with infection control tracking.


All information about the giver and purchase. Credit card information is not stored by us, but by our partners who process the payments

Funeral flowers:

All information about the giver and purchase. Credit card information is not stored by us, but by our partners who process payments

Online funeral planner:

All information submitted by the user is stored

Regarding our clients and partners (such as funeral homes, newspapers/media and gift recipients) we store the name, address, telephone numbers, email and any correspondence.

The purpose of data processing

We process data in order to conduct our agreed commitments with our clients and users. In addition to this, we use personal data to provide information, offers and services in conjunction with purchases, via email, phone and text message.

The basis for data processing

The reason we process personal data is to fulfil our contractual obligations to users, clients and partners.

The use of personal data for marketing purposes is based on the user's consent. The consent is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time.

Collection of personal data

We store the personal data you have submitted to our employees and / or through our website in connection with using our services. Our website uses cookies to give the visitor the best possible experience and service. Electronic communication laws require us to inform our visitors about the use of cookies. Read more about the use of cookies here.

Data sharing with third parties

To fulfil our agreed obligations, we share the necessary information to do so with our partners such as funeral homes, florists, gift recipients, next of kin, etc.

In addition to this, there will be instances where making data available to our developers and support staff in countries outside of the EU and EEA is required. We have signed agreements with subcontractors outside of the EU with terms developed by the European Commission in order to protect your privacy rights in the best way possible and in line with EU regulation.

Apart from the examples outlined in this policy, we will not share, sell, transfer or in any other way disclose personal data to others, unless we are legally obligated to do so.

Rights for those registered

Please note that you can demand access to and delivery, correction and / or deletion of your personal data.

Should data processing ever not align with your rights, you can file a complaint with your country's Data Protection Authority.

Information security

We secure your personal data with both physical and virtual access controls. Passwords and sensitive data is encrypted and access to this data is restricted through password protected user rights. Physical server rooms are locked with restricted access. Adstate has developed its own policy for data and information protection.


This privacy policy can be amended where and when needed to correct mistakes and comply with judicial requirements and developments.

Contact information

Comments and questions concerning our personal data processing can be submitted in writing to the following:

Adstate AS

Storgata 2